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Why You Should Always Keep Capers In Your Pantry
Capers are an irreplaceable staple in many traditional Greek, Italian, and Spanish recipes. Each tiny, flavor-packed bud is a salty and tangy powerhouse, and adding a few capers to a pasta dinner or vegetable roast adds a wonderful pop of flavor — here are even more reasons to keep a jar in your pantry.
Keeping a neglected jar of capers in the back of the fridge is a shame, since they can be used in almost any savory recipe, adding brightness to heavy, creamy dishes or a briny zestiness to seafood. They're also the unsung hero of breakfast; if your omelet or bagel needs an extra punch, reach for the capers.
These tiny flowers are also an extra-flavorful salt replacement in eggs and buttery popcorn, or to push a soup, salad, or salsa recipe over the top to impress your friends and family. Also, being a cured product, most capers have a decent shelf life — but you probably won't have much left over after discovering their versatility.