Santa Monica, Ca - April 9, 2015. When all else fails, there's always a variety of instant mashed potatoes for the kidz!
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Why You Should Always Have Instant Mashed Potatoes In Your Pantry
Many people consider stocking up on canned goods but have not considered stockpiling instant mashed potatoes. Packaged mashed potatoes are inexpensive and convenient and can be more than just a side dish.
Instant mashed potatoes can add crispness to vegetables and be incorporated into many recipes. Chef Jacques Pèpin even uses potato flakes to thicken the soup instead of flour or cornstarch because it adds richness without requiring a slurry mix.
Instant mashed potatoes can also be used in other dishes such as loaded baked potato soup, shepherd's pie, potato cakes, and Swiss potato puffs, and they can create a crunchy coating for chicken, scallops, and other meats. They can also be added to your mashed potato roll recipe or be used to make crescents and focaccia.