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Why You Should Always Have Canned Beans In Your Pantry
Canned beans are typically blanched and sealed in aluminum cans with water and salt, which helps the beans retain their shape and color, before being cooked under steam pressure. This process leads to long-lasting produce that's ready for you whenever you need it, and there are even more reasons to keep canned beans in your pantry.
Cooking dried beans can be a time-consuming hassle, especially when you need dinner on the table fast, and that’s where the convenience of cooking canned beans comes in. They can be quickly added to virtually any dish, and keeping a few cans on hand can also prove useful if a vegetarian or vegan friend unexpectedly stops by for lunch.
Canned beans are also cost-efficient and may last up to 5 years in your pantry, reports FoodSafety.gov. However, though canned beans offer the same nutritional value as dried beans, their sodium levels tend to be higher, so it is recommended to always give canned beans a rinse before using this staple.