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Why You Should Always Have Boxed Stock In Your Pantry
Peanut butter, pasta, sugar, and flour are a few staples that nearly everyone has in their kitchen, but if you also like to keep canned chicken, beef, or vegetable stock around, you ought to switch to boxed stock. Boxed stock always tastes better than canned versions, which gives you the best versatility and flavor in your cooking.
Stock is a versatile ingredient that should be used as the base for soups, sauces, stews, and more. Stock also adds flavor to recipes if you use it in place of water when cooking grains, such as rice or quinoa, or in comfort food dishes such as mashed potatoes, chicken dumplings, savory bread puddings, and stuffing.
Other pantry items such as pasta, beans, and lentils also benefit from being cooked stock in stock instead of water. Extra stock can also be saved in the refrigerator until you're ready to use it in another recipe, so next time you head to the grocery store, pick a few boxes of stock for convenient and delicious cooking.