Steak cooking on a charcoal grill
Why You Should Always Grill Steaks Over Real Charcoal
When cooking steak on the grill, opt for real charcoal. Lump coals are irregular in size and pricier, but they're also all-natural, which translates to a more flavorful steak.
While charcoal briquettes work in a pinch, they're made of wood scraps that contain additives, which negatively affects taste. Plus, they won't get as hot, preventing a nice sear.
There are many types of charcoal with each one altering the cooking process. Whether it’s lump, briquette, or binchotan each one offers its own flavor and heating capabilities.
It's the convergence of a tasty salt seasoning, well-managed heat, and the aromatic smoke that results in a steak with an indescribable magic.