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Why You Should Always Bake Brownies In An Aluminum Pan
According to Real Simple, if you simply choose the wrong type of pan to pour your batter into, you can easily ruin your otherwise perfect brownies. For the best possible results, you'll want to use an aluminum pan.
Dark metal cooks too fast, and although it is ideal for baked goods, it results in brownies that are fudgy in the middle but hard around the edges. Lining a baking pan with aluminum foil will not do the trick either, as it will not provide an even heating.
Using a ceramic or glass pan is recommended if aluminum or lightly colored metal pans are unavailable. Ceramic absorbs heat a lot slower than aluminum, so though the brownies will be lighter in color, they won’t be overcooked.
To bake brownies in glass, set the oven temperature 25 degrees lower than what the recipe calls for and bake them for the same amount of time. Test the brownies earlier with the toothpick test, then take them out of the oven prematurely because they'll continue baking in the pan.