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Why You Should Always Add A Layer Of Foam To The Top Of Your Cooler
There’s nothing worse than when you pack up your cooler for a fun day out, only to arrive and realize everything has turned into a melted, sloshy mess. Not only is the mess a hassle to clean up, you also run the risk of bacteria settling in due to high temperature exposure, but luckily there’s a great trick to help you out.
Since the extra built-in insulation inside coolers only does so much to protect food from higher temperatures, one way to combat this is to fill up the extra space in your cooler with more insulation. Whether it’s a cut-to-fit sheet or a clean and trimmed yoga mat, this added layer of insulation will work wonders for keeping your food cooler for longer.
Another material that works great for extra insulation is thermal bubble wrap, which you can line with aluminum foil to reflect about 90% of heat radiation. Buy double sided tape to keep it in place and before you know it, you'll have yourself a cooler full of delicious and protected food that’s safe to feed the whole family!