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Why You Should Adjust Your Pancake Pouring Method For Batter Thickness
Many cultures have their own version of pancakes, some of which involve lots of ingredients or a special cooking technique, but even basic American-style flapjacks can be hard to perfect. If your pancakes often turn out lackluster, adjust the way you pour your batter into your pan or onto your griddle, depending on its consistency.
Thick batter can be hard to pour, so for thick and fluffy pancakes with a consistent shape and size, try using an ice cream scooper to dollop the batter onto your heated cooking surface. You can also use a measuring cup for a similar effect, but make sure it's well-coated with cooking spray before you add each scoop of batter.
For thinner pancakes, try using a measuring cup designed for liquids, a pitcher with a spout, or a ladle for the batter; just do your best to pour out the same amount for each pancake. Also, try to avoid cooking too many pancakes at one time, since cakes that are too close together can spread out and merge with each other.