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Why You Should Add Toppings To Frozen Pizza After It's Done Cooking
The union of zesty cheese, crispy dough and endless combinations of meats and veggies has made pizza one of the world's most crave-worthy foods. While buying a frozen pizza from your local supermarket is the quickest way to get the meal to your table, there are several tricks you can try to elevate a frozen pie.
“Top Chef” contestant Jamie Lynch recommends adding certain toppings after the pie has already finished baking for an added layer of “unexpected flavors and textures.” While not all toppings are suitable for this method, Lynch suggests trying it with ingredients like marinated artichokes, Parmesan cheese, olives, and arugula.
When adding toppings, you should consider how each item will do in the oven, as too much heat might burn more delicate, crisp, or fresh toppings. However, if you just want to add everything before baking, placing fragile toppings under a layer of cheese could help protect them from the oven’s intense heat.