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Why You Really Do Need To Oil Wooden Utensils
When it comes to kitchen utensils there are a plethora of materials to choose from like silicone and nylon or stainless steel, but a common favorite seems to be wooden utensils. Wooden kitchen utensils have a long-lasting and versatile nature that makes them a go-to choice, but in order to keep them in rotation, you must properly care for them.
Because of its naturally porous nature, wood can absorb moisture and if it absorbs too much it will swell and eventually crack. On the other hand, wood can also crack if it dries out, and extreme heat, like from a dishwasher, can warp the wood. The best way to prevent this is to moisturize your wooden utensils with oil monthly or whenever you notice they’re drying out.
You’ll want to choose a food-grade oil, but that doesn’t mean the olive oil or avocado oil in your pantry as these can go rancid. Rather you want “polymerizing oils,” like linseed, walnut, or mineral oil, or beeswax, which will harden the wood as they dry. First, clean your wooden utensils, then use a clean rag to rub the oil evenly into the wood, and let dry overnight.