A durian cut in half
Why You Need To Try The Viral Durian Ice Cream At Costco At Least Once
Mavens Creamery has had success with an ice cream that encapsulates durian’s potent, sweet flavor. At Costco, you get two pints of ice cream for about $10.99 per pint.
You can find Mavens Durian Ice Cream in seven U.S. Costco regions. Fans of durian will adore the flavor, and even those who’ve never tried durian should give it a go.
Durian is hailed as the "King of Fruits" and the "smelliest fruit." Fans call it sweet, creamy, floral, and unforgettable, while others say it tastes like onions and sweat.
The ice cream also has a potent smell, but the flavors are slightly toned down from the actual fruit. This ice cream can be a good starting point for durian initiates.