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Why You Need To Start Baking Pies In A Glass Dish
Making a delectable pie at home gets easier with practice, but for novice bakers, pie-baking mistakes will be made, and using the wrong type of pan is one of them. According to Martha Stewart, choosing a pan that's too big or too deep can negatively affect your pie-baking as well as not paying attention to its material.
In most cases, baking your pie in a glass pan is your best bet and they check off many boxes, calling them "an insurance policy" for foolproof pies. They're inexpensive, lightweight, and heat up slowly but evenly in the oven.
As a result, they tend to turn out evenly cooked pie crusts, even though the pie might need to spend a few more minutes baking. Another benefit of glass pie plates is their transparency which is a major advantage over other types of pie plates because you can easily check the crust's doneness while baking.