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Why You Need To Build Your Nachos With A Hole In The Center
Nowadays, ordering nachos may often feel risky because you never know if the toppings will be precisely balanced or a sloppy disaster. According to Serious Eats, the key to flawless nachos is to have just enough toppings on each chip without making you dig around for them.
Stay At Home Chef lists an array of great toppings for your nachos, from pico de gallo to zesty queso dip, or fresh mango guacamole. The solution to combining all these different consistencies together: building a hole in the center of your nachos.
Top your chips with all the toppings that should be heated, like meat and cheese, leaving the center empty. When you remove your nachos from the oven, you'll have a chip-free space where any cold ingredients, like pico de gallo and sour cream, will go, preventing a soggy mess.