preparing beef for mexican tacos or fajitas
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Why You May Want To Skip The Fajitas At Mexican Restaurants
Fajitas are a Tex-Mex creation, but they are also a staple at Mexican restaurants around the United States, and generally include protein such as seasoned steak, chicken, or shrimp as well as bell peppers and onions. Even though fajitas aren’t an authentic Mexican dish, that’s not the main reason some chefs say you shouldn’t order them.
According to chef Saul Montiel, fajitas should not be ordered and instead enjoyed at home because they are relatively easy to make. Montiel contends that even beginner chefs can easily make a tantalizing plate in their kitchen, so spending your money on them at a restaurant isn’t the best use of your hard-earned cash.
Another reason to pass on the fajitas is that often the steak used in restaurants is not authentic skirt steak, but alternative cuts that are tougher and treated with enzymes to tenderize them. Ultimately, it’s a personal choice on where to eat fajitas, but there’s no denying that the symphony of sizzling noises adds a little excitement to dinner.