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Why You May Want To Avoid Using Plastic Trays At Restaurants
As part of their Scrub Club hand washing public service initiative, microbiologists from NSF took samples from 26 commonly touched places to reveal the germiest exteriors around. One surface common throughout schools and restaurants has been proven to be quite hospitable for germs, with more than 200 bacteria per square inch — plastic cafeteria trays.
While most would have probably guessed bathrooms or floors would be the worst, these trays contain the most bacteria in restaurants. The NSF concludes that only three areas are worse: school musical instruments, theater arcade game controllers, and playground sandboxes.
If you work in the fast-food industry or eat at these establishments often, it’s highly recommended to wash and sanitize your hands regularly. While NSF notes that germs aren’t inherently harmful, their presence indicates that the surfaces support bacteria and virus growth, which may lead to severe diseases like COVID-19 and salmonella.