Grilled beef steak
Why You May Have To Stop Perfecting Grill Marks On Both Sides Of Your Steak
While grill marks certainly make a steak look nice, they also play a role in flavor development. However, grill marks can be easily misused if you depend on them too much.
Grill marks are a product of the Maillard reaction, which browns and deepens the flavor of meat as it sits on the grill, but too much time on the grill is never a good thing.
If you overcook your steak in pursuit of perfect grill marks on both sides, it will end up dry and tough. Instead, try aiming for nice-looking grill marks on only one side.
If your steak is nearing its desired doneness, but needs more time on one side to develop perfect sear marks, forget about it and just take the meat off the grill.
Serve the steak the grill-marked side up, and you'll still have a beautiful-looking meal that tastes as good as it looks, rather than meat that's overcooked on the inside.