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Why You Can't Just Use Any Type Of Batter In A Bundt Pan
There are strict rules to follow when baking, and even stricter rules when making Bundt cakes. These cakes seem easy to make, since all you need to do is pour batter into a heavy-duty Bundt pan for an elegant dessert, but you can't just use any batter if you want your cake to turn out moist and look beautiful.
Denser cake batters, such as those for carrot cake or a rich chocolate cake, work better with Bundt pans. Dense cakes have a tight, moist crumb structure that holds its shape well and won't dry out in the highly-conductive Bundt pan, while soft, delicate cakes like chiffon will likely rip and pair when you unmold them.
Celebrity chef Martha Stewart recommends recipes like pound cake and zucchini bread for Bundt pans, instead of boxed cake mixes or any cake you would describe as "light" or "fluffy." One last thing to remember is that no cake is at its best when baked in a thin, cheap Bundt pan instead of a sturdy high-quality one.