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Why You Can Probably Stop Peeling Carrots
To peel or not to peel? Carrots are chock full of vitamins and are a deliciously versatile addition to many recipes, but because they grow in the ground, is it necessary to peel them? As it turns out, carrots are more low-maintenance than you might think, and washing will suffice except in these few instances.
The decision to peel or not is more a matter of personal taste than safety. For everyday eating, simply scrubbing your carrots is enough to make them clean and safe to eat. In particular, you should leave the skin on the carrot when making vegetable stock or when juicing them as you’ll want to keep all the vitamins and nutrients carrots offer.
Peeling carrots is usually to improve flavor and texture because unpeeled carrots can have more of an earthy flavor and graininess when cooked. The skin of the carrot is the toughest part, so if you’re mashing or roasting carrots, it’s best to peel them to avoid any dry, leathery skin and ensure a soft, evenly cooked texture.