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Why Worcestershire Sauce Is Not Suited For Many Diets
Worcestershire sauce’s bold, savory, complex flavor makes it a great flavor-boosting addition to Caesar salad dressing, meatloaf, Bloody Mary cocktails, and even mac and cheese. However, while this condiment is very versatile, it's not exactly all-purpose, especially if you or someone you're cooking for has dietary restrictions.
Most Worcestershire sauces contain fermented anchovies, which means this condiment is off-limits for vegetarians, vegans, and those with fish allergies. Kosher law also forbids mixing fish with other meats, and Worcestershire is commonly used in meat dishes, which makes said dishes unsuitable for those who keep kosher.
Many Worcestershire sauces also contain barley malt vinegar, which means that people with gluten intolerance or sensitivity should consume it with caution. To avoid stress and make cooking easier, try buying vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free Worcestershire, which is surprisingly easy to find and can be enjoyed by everyone.