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Why Witch Finger Grapes Now Go By A Sweeter Name
Seasons and holidays all have their own traditional foods, but spooky foods are something you’ll only find around Halloween. Witch Finger sounds like a great addition, but the Witch Finger variety of grapes is only available from mid to late summer, so maybe there is some merit in choosing a different name.
Witch Fingers are harvested when they're most ripe and particularly sweet, though this shortens their shelf life; their taste is similar to a red grape or plum, and it goes well with bitter, salty, and sour flavors. However, Witch Fingers are not labeled as such anymore because the name grossed people out.
Marketing is extremely important and it wasn’t the first time the grapes had a name change — since they looked a lot like peppers, they were dubbed Chile Pepper grapes, but that made customers think they were spicy. The grapes are now known as Tear Drop grapes and it’s definitely a much sweeter alternative.