Hand pouring wine from bottle into glass
Why Wisconsin Is Becoming The Next Hot Spot For Wine
California may be at the top of your list of wine regions stateside, but Wisconsin is quickly rising in the ranks as one of the hot spots for wine in the United States.
Wisconsinites have been successfully growing wine grapes since the 1840s thanks to ample water via the Wisconsin River, perfect soil conditions, and an ideal native climate.
Many of the grapes grown are hardy, hybrid varieties like Marquette, Frontenac, and LaCrosse, which are gaining prominence thanks to their ability to withstand climate change.
More than that, the wine is gaining popularity thanks to younger, more adventurous wine drinkers who are willing to taste a variety of wines outside traditional wine regions.
Wisconsin wine is typically characterized by its dry acidity thanks to the cold growing temperatures, making it a perfect pairing for savory, fatty dishes to contrast the acidity.
The region is also home to dessert wines, and some vintners sweeten dry wines with techniques like sur lie aging or back-sweetening, ensuring there’s a wine for every preference.