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Why Wing Sauce Tastes Better From A Restaurant Than At Home
The wings you’ll get at a restaurant typically have melted butter mixed into the buffalo sauce. This lends a thicker, richer consistency, and it adds a little depth of flavor.
Bottled buffalo sauces typically have some type of butter as well. For instance, Frank's Buffalo Wings Hot Sauce contains "natural butter type flavor," but its hot sauce does not.
To make restaurant-like buffalo sauce, all you need to do is combine Frank's RedHot or your hot sauce of choice with melted butter and season to taste.
For added tangy flavor, add apple cider vinegar, white vinegar, or Worcestershire sauce to your buffalo wing sauce. For a dash of sweetness, try honey or a little brown sugar.
You can also brown your butter before mixing it into hot sauce for a richer, nuttier flavor. Simply stir your butter on the stove until it gets foamy, then add it to the hot sauce.