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Why Whole Beef Short Ribs Can Be Difficult To Find
If you're eating ribs at your favorite BBQ joint, they are probably pork ribs, since beef ribs are more expensive. If you're interested in seeking out whole beef short ribs or "dino ribs," you either have to search restaurant menus near you or buy and prepare this cut at home, and both options can be rather pricey and involved.
The Houston Chronicle reports that dinosaur ribs,or plate ribs have become increasingly popular in Texas restaurants, while short beef ribs are easy to find at the butcher counter, but full beef ribs are a bit more elusive. The portion sizes of full beef ribs can be comically large and hard to sell, not to mention the cut is quite expensive.
The price per pound for full beef ribs is inching close to $30 per pound, reports the Houston Chronicle, so a full plate could cost upwards of $75, while a whole rack of pork ribs at Big Pine California's Copper Top BBQ costs just under $35. However, the rich and truly special flavor of beef ribs means that the search could be well worth it.