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Why Trader Joe's Probably Won't Offer Self-Checkout Anytime Soon
Shoppers love Trader Joe's for its low prices and unique, trendy food products that often gain a cult following. However, one popular innovation that you won't find at your local TJ's store is a row of self-checkout machines, and this is why the company will likely never offer a self-checkout service at any location.
Trader Joe’s is all about delivering satisfying shopping trips and great customer service, and self-checkout would go against the company's ideals of valuing both employees and customers. TJ's wants every customer to be able to interact with friendly and helpful employees for a personal and pleasant shopping experience.
In an episode of the Inside Trader Joe's podcast, an employee confirmed that "our people remain our most valued resource.” This is also why the company doesn't offer delivery; they want customers inside stores, having face-to-face interactions, and allegedly, you must have a winning personality to get hired at TJ's.