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Why Trader Joe's Bourbon Could Be A Smart Buy For Your Home Bar
While Trader Joe's boasts of signature products like the organic grocer's new ube products, its alcohol section deserves to be on your radar too, especially for its bourbon. Trader Joe's Kentucky Bourbon Straight Whiskey is aged for at least five years, ranking it among the best budget bourbons, available at just $16.99 per bottle.
Brewed at Barton distillery in Bardstown, Kentucky, The Bourbon Culture describes the taste of TJ’s bourbon as fruity, shifting toward more rye-heavy gingerbread and brown sugar flavors. Seattle Times’ Tan Vinh describes it as "a surge of maple syrup followed by some spice notes and tea leaves" that he recommends for mixing into cocktails.
Paul Clarke, executive editor of bartending publication Imbibe Magazine, praises the budget spirit as "everything you look for in a basic bourbon.” So, the next time you reach for that rocks glass to make yourself an evening aperitif, keep Trader Joe's in mind.