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Why Top Loin Roast Makes A Great Alternative To Prime Rib
If you’ve been lucky enough to taste prime rib, you know there’s a reason it costs a pretty penny — about $37 per pound. Prime rib boasts a rich, beefy flavor and is usually served medium-rare to fully enjoy its juicy taste, but top loin is a great alternative that costs significantly less while still serving up a delicious meal.
Prime rib is often reserved for special occasions, not only because its delicious flavor can elevate any gathering, but also because of its hefty price tag. Top loin roast is sourced from the short loin in the middle of the cow’s back, and, according to Cook’s Illustrated, it’s “a great alternative to prime rib.”
Top loin roast is marbled with fat and boasts a generous fat cap around its exterior, which adds up to a tender, flavorful roast. Best of all, top loin is about $4 cheaper than prime rib. As a bonus, you can use the fat cap from the meat for a perfect side dish — simply trim it and brown it along with some roast potatoes.