Beef Pot Roast In Cast Iron Dutch Oven
Why Too Much Liquid Is A Huge Mistake When Cooking Pot Roast
Dissolving gelatin and juices from the meat is what makes a pot roast sauce delicious, but too much liquid at the start means a diluted sauce with a lesser mouthfeel and flavor.
A pot roast only needs a small amount of liquid added, especially for a slow cooker or instant pot with a tight lid. Add liquid just up to the midway mark on the roast.
After searing the meat, the amount of liquid used to deglaze the pot will likely be just enough for the braise. Too much liquid will dilute the sauce's flavor.
Remember that the meat and any veggies in the pot will also add to the liquid volume, especially those with a high water content like onions, celery, tomatoes, and mushrooms.
Additionally, cooking the beef partially above the level of the pot liquid allows that portion of the meat to brown more, which means more flavor.