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Why The Type Of Oat You Eat Isn't As Important As You Might Think
When you sit down at breakfast, what type of oats do you like to chow down on? With so many types to choose from, it really seems like anyone could find an oat variety that would suit their taste, but does one type of oatmeal reign above the rest in terms of nutrition?
According to WebMD, no matter the type of oats, the nutritional content is almost exactly the same. No matter which oats you choose for breakfast, it will probably provide you with "about 4 grams of fiber, 4-6 grams of protein per serving, and similar amounts of vitamins and minerals."
So, you'd be getting nearly the same benefits from a pack of instant oats as you would from a bowl of the old-fashioned variety (though some instant varieties have a lot of added sugar). That being said, it's best to align your choice of oats with your cooking goals and individual taste.