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Why The Type Of Mayo Matters In Your Tuna Salad
Perhaps no other protein is more associated with mayonnaise than tuna. Everyone has their favorite brands, but for the uninitiated, understanding that not all mayonnaise is created equal is crucial when making tuna salad.
The basic ingredients for homemade mayonnaise are egg, some type of oil, vinegar, and water, while lemon juice is sometimes added for some extra kick. When whisked together, they create an emulsion and give mayonnaise its distinctive texture, which is essential when choosing a mayo for your tuna salad.
As per food scientist Ali Manning, the percentage of fat contributes to the overall texture and flavor of the mayo. The mayo with a "dense and creamy consistency" is perfect for tuna salad as it helps bind the ingredients, while a "viscous or fluid" mayo results in a wet, goopy tuna salad. Manning and several other chefs have recommended using either Hellmann's or Duke's.