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Why The Quality Of Your Milk Matters When Making Coffee Drinks
When using cow's milk in coffee drinks, the quality of the milk you use really does matter. When high-quality, high-fat milk is heated properly, the sweet flavors of the lactose become much more perceptible, not to mention milk froth is a defining quality of many espresso-based drinks, and the right froth starts with the right milk.
Only some types of milk will produce a fluffy, dreamy foam or froth that adds the richness you want in your coffee drinks. Whole milk with the right balance of fat and protein creates the creamiest foam, and the age of the milk also affects how well it froths, so the freshest whole milk you can buy is your best bet.
Regarding plant-based milk, Food Network says that oat milk froths the best. However, almond milk has a higher fat content than most other plant-based milks and produces an interesting microbubble effect, which is part of the goal when frothing; either way, try to choose richer plant milk, just like you'd choose richer dairy milk.