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Why The Price Of Dark Chocolate May Rise Slower Than Other Treats
Prices have been slowly climbing since the onset of the pandemic due to a variety of reasons, but when Russia invaded Ukraine in February, the cost of gas and food began increasing at a rapid click. Commodities like Arabica coffee have hiked up 140% but cocoa remained stable with only an 18% increase.
Though the cost of cocoa hasn't jumped as high as other food commodities, this doesn't mean all chocolate will remain affordable. Consumers may want to consider opting for dark chocolate over other varieties, as the cost of milk and sugar have both seen a meteoric rise.
This also means that consumers might see companies pushing dark chocolate goodies in the coming months as it is better for their bottom line. In addition to potentially sparing your wallet, Well + Good notes that cocoa contains phytonutrients, which have beneficial antioxidant effects.