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Why The Position Of Your Oven Racks Is Actually Important
Whether it be cookies and cake or quiche and pizza, the position of your baked goods in the oven can determine whether they come out perfectly cooked or are a little disappointing. The good news is that understanding your oven takes just a bit of effort and it really pays off.
When it comes to using an oven, it may seem like the most important aspect is getting the temperature and timing right, but the placement of your oven racks is just as important. Using the middle rack is best because the middle of the oven is engineered to create a heating zone where hot air flows evenly.
Use the middle of your oven for food you want to cook evenly, like lasagna, mac and cheese, pies, and cookies. If you need things cooked faster or want a bit of browning on the top, use the top rack; alternatively, if you need something cooked more on the bottom, like brownies and roasts, use the bottom rack.