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Why The Label On Your Bottle Of Angostura Bitters Is Oversized
Bitters are a bar staple for the depth and complexity they bring to any cocktail, but as beloved as bitters are, Angostura bitters in particular might drive some customers crazy. Angostura bitters are known for their massively oversized labels, and while this wonky packaging seems out of place, it’s part of what makes the brand so iconic.
Angostura bitters were created in 1824 by Dr. Johann Siegert who made the herby, spicy concoction as a cure for stomach ailments. With the rise of cocktails like the Old Fashioned, Siegert’s two sons helped popularize the drink as more than a medicine, and while the sons helped the drink find mainstream success, they’re also to blame for the quirky label.
As the story goes, the brothers entered the Angostura brand into a competition, and while one son went to find bottles to package the bitters, the other son was tasked with printing new labels. The sons realized their sizing errors too late, and although they didn’t win the competition, one judge recommended they keep the mismatched labels to help the product stand out.