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Why The Inner And Outer Leaves Of Savoy Cabbage Are Used Differently
Cabbage is a hearty cold-weather veggie that isn't overwhelmingly popular, but when properly prepared, it's truly delicious, not to mention it comes in more than 400 varieties. One such variety is the Savoy cabbage, whose inner and outer leaves can be used in very different ways, so it’s like having two different cabbages in one.
Savoy cabbage is a green, wrinkly cabbage whose outer leaves are soft and pliable and inner leaves are much more firm and crisp. The outer leaves are perfect for stuffed cabbage rolls and wraps, while the inner leaves are a great addition to a salad, slaw, or a-stir fry that could use some additional texture and crunch.
Any part of the Savoy cabbage can also be pickled or added to soups, or layered in casseroles. You can also use types of leaves in one dish, which will provide a nice textural contrast of soft and crunchy, so next time you want two types of cabbages for the price of one, reach for Savoy and have some fun in the kitchen.