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Why The 'First Crack' Is An Important Moment In The Coffee Roasting Process
By Meggan Robinson
When roasting your own coffee beans, the first crack, which is actually audible, marks the point at which the roast can — depending on your flavor preferences — be complete.
During roasting, the first crack sounds like a kernel of popcorn popping and signifies that the beans have absorbed enough heat to convert the moisture in the bean to steam.
The first crack happens around 380 degrees F, and indicates the beans have lost their grassy, green flavors. At this point, you can stop roasting if you prefer a lighter roast.
For a darker roast, continue roasting until you hear the second crack, which isn’t as loud as the first one. If you roast too far past the second crack, the flavors might be burnt.
As you roast, you’ll discover a sweet spot between the cracks where you get just the right amount of pleasant, roasted flavor to make the perfect cup of coffee.