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Why The Fanciest Dirty Martinis Are Leaning Away From Olive Brine
Martinis have a certain reputation as a sophisticated drink, and to uphold this reputation, some bartenders are giving the classic dirty martini a fancy upgrade.
A traditional dirty martini becomes “dirty” with the addition of olive brine, but some bartenders are turning away from a traditional dirty martini by using olive-less brine.
Lactic acid and water imitates the tang of olive brine, an idea developed by Brooklyn's Fort Defiance bar. Chicago beverage director Lance Bowman uses an "umami tincture."
Bowman combines his savory umami tincture with allium tincture and turmeric pickle brine. Sand Francisco's Wildhark Bar uses a sesame brine with saltwater and apple cider vinegar.
Other olive-less brines to try in your martini include caperberry, cocktail onion, banana pepper, dill pickle, spicy pickle, pickled jalapeno, and pickled okra brines.
These brines offer a variation on the classic while still adding the same salty punch, and can be paired with garnishes such as stuffed olives or an everything bagel spice rim.