Hands holding and clinking glasses of beer
Why The Czech Republic Drinks The Most Beer Per Capita In The World
For 29 years in a row, the Czech Republic has earned the title of most beer consumption per capita in the world, with an average of 184 liters of beer consumed per person.
To put this consumption into perspective, Czechs drank nearly double that of the runner-up nation, Austria, which came in with an average of 98 liters per person.
The numbers make sense, considering that some of the cheapest beer in the world is found in the Czech Republic. Their enormous supply of the stuff is likely to thank.
The country produced roughly 20.6 million hectoliters of beer in 2022, and home-brewed beer makes up 99% of the huge amount consumed by Czech citizens every year.
The average cost of living in the Czech Republic is also relatively low, allowing for more beer money. However, these numbers may change as global inflation continues to rise.