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Why The Color Of Your Baking Pan Matters
Choosing the right baking pan for your cakes, cookies, and pies is just as important as setting the right oven temperature and using the correct ingredients. You may pay attention to the dimensions and depth of your pans, but novice bakers likely don't know that the color of your pan can have a huge impact on your baked goods.
TikTok creator Benjamin the Baker conducted an experiment in which he baked side-by-side batches of cookies, cakes, and brownies, with the only variable being the color of his pans. When he used darker-colored pans, the cookies had darker bottoms, the cake browned more and rose less, and the brownies baked unevenly.
Bake or Break explains that these results come down to basic science: you may have heard that dark colors absorb heat more readily than light colors do, so dark metal pans heat up too quickly in the oven, leaving the edges of your desserts burnt while the middle remains raw. Opt for lightly-colored aluminum pans for the best results.