Kentucky, US; August 2016; Buffalo Trace tour entrance featuring warehouse building and water tower
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Why The Buffalo Trace Distillery Is A National Historic Landmark
When Buffalo Trace Distillery received its U.S. National Historic Landmark designation in 2013, it had already been a famous part of Kentucky whiskey-making for 240 years.
The distillery's landmark listing applauds its intact Prohibition-era distillery resources, structures, and technology, providing a living history of the American whiskey industry.
In 1771, pioneering frontiersman Daniel Boone traveled to the distillery's current location in Kentucky using a “buffalo trace” roadway, formed by the steps of migrating buffalo.
Settlers who came after Boone created the now-legendary category of Kentucky bourbon whiskey, and one settler, Col. Edmund Taylor Jr., later founded the Buffalo Trace Distillery.
The Taylor family house is also part of the landmark property. Buffalo Trace offers a free National Historic Landmark Tour, showing guests the history of an iconic American liquor.