Fresh braising steak on chopping board with garlic, asparagus, and tomatoes with salt and pepper with rosemary and meat fork on wooden surface
Why The Amount Of Liquid Is Crucial When Braising A Cut Of Meat
The liquid used for braising meat should ideally be turned into a sauce to serve over the final dish, so it's crucial that some of the liquid is left over once the meat is done.
The general rule is that your liquid should cover at least 1/2 to 3/4 of the meat you're braising, whether you're using a whole cut or the meat is separated into pieces.
Using too much liquid at the start can dilute the flavor of the braise or create a runny sauce. The meat will release some of its fats and juices as it cooks, adding more liquid.
Once the meat is done, the remaining liquid should be reduced in the pot on the stove to maximize flavor and create a thicker consistency, creating a rich, flavorful sauce.