Pitcher of iced tea with cucumber, lemon, strawberry, and mint
Why Temperature Is Important When Steeping Bags For Iced Tea
Brewing temperature can have a tremendous effect on both the flavor and appearance of your iced tea, so it’s important to brew each kind of tea at its best temperature.
The temperature of the water could mean the difference between crisp and mellow iced tea or a cloudy, bitter mess. Black teas are often brewed between 200 and 212 degrees F.
Green, white, and purple teas should be brewed between 175 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Oolong tea likes things a little warmer at around 195 degrees Fahrenheit.
Heartier teas that don't fit into broader categories, such as Rooibos, herbal, and extra dark Pu-er teas, can usually be brewed at the same temps as black teas.
If you're brewing your tea at the right temperature, but your finished iced tea still looks cloudy, the culprit is likely the type of water you're using.
Tap water is too harsh for tea, so try using something purer, like softer spring water. It also helps to cool the tea thoroughly before adding ice or refrigerating it.