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Why Tamales Are Often Served At Las Posadas Celebrations
Las Posadas is a Mexican Christmas tradition with nine nights of festivities, celebrated in late December between the 16th to the 24th each year. During this time, traditional holiday activities take place, including caroling and, of course, eating delicious food — and corn husk-wrapped tamales are especially significant for Las Posadas.
Rolling, stuffing, and wrapping tamales is a very involved, communal kitchen task that brings family and friends together for the holidays. These packet-like snacks are also perfect for making ahead in bulk, which is great for celebrations where you’re hosting big groups of people and need a prep-ahead, crowd-pleasing dish.
Tamales consist of corn dough known as masa, which is stuffed with a typically savory filling, wrapped in a corn husk, and then steamed in a big pot alongside other tamales. Tamales filled with Oaxacan-style mole sauce are a common savory option, while those stuffed with cream cheese and blackberries make for a sweet dessert.