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Why Tacos Taste Better At A Restaurant Than At Home
Tacos are one of those foods that taste pretty amazing no matter where you get them from, but plenty of cooks can attest that homemade tacos are never quite as good as restaurant tacos. Luckily, there's a simple step you can take to push your tacos closer to restaurant quality, and it has to do with the foundation.
A restaurant-quality taco begins with a tortilla made from scratch, as chef Joe Martinez explains: “Most people think the filling [of a taco] is the most important part, and while it is crucial, the authenticity of a taco comes from the tortilla.” And if you think making your own tortillas is too difficult, think again.
Chef Brian Riggenbach says all you need to do to make tortillas is mix water and masa flour for the dough, roll it out flat, then cut it into circular shapes and fry your tortillas in a pan. You can also elevate your tacos with simple garnishes and a squeeze of lime; before you know it, you’ll be eating restaurant-style tacos at home.