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Why Stirring Pudding May Actually Ruin It
All-American pudding is a simple yet effortlessly sophisticated dessert that is quite underrated today. Classic chocolate pudding is a nice change from cake or cookies, while layered banana pudding is a wonderful creamy dessert for a dinner party, but no matter which pudding you decide to make, don't stir it at the wrong time.
Once your pudding has finished cooking, don't even think about stirring it. The second your custard is out of the pot or oven and in the fridge, it’s best to adopt a laissez-faire approach and keep your hands and utensils away from it, or else lumps can form and the silky, creamy, light volume of the pudding can deflate and turn runny.
If you must give your pudding a stir before serving, the only tool you should use is a whisk; this is also the best tool for mixing your pudding before or during cooking. While cooking, over-mixing will result in a watery texture, while not whisking enough will create lumps, so stop stirring the second your pudding starts to look thick and luscious.