Medium-rare sirloin steak with gorgonzola sauce and steamed spinach
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Why Steak And Blue Cheese Make A Heavenly Pairing
While ground beef is often paired with cheese in burgers and sandwiches, it's less common to see steaks covered in cheese, since many cooks prefer to let high-quality beef speak for itself with no extras. However, there is one kind of cheese that's a classic, perfect pairing for a rich slab of steak: blue cheese.
Shawn Hill, expert Pitmaster and founder of The Grilling Dad, explains that "The pungent flavor of blue cheese balances out the rich, beefy flavor of steak, making for a match made in culinary heaven." He says the sharp cheese creates "a nice contrast to the tender, juicy steak" and is “like the yin to the steak's yang."
There are many varieties of blue cheese to pair with your steak, like English Stilton, French Roquefort, and Italian Gorgonzola, all with unique textures and flavor profiles. If you struggle with the taste and appearance of blue cheese, try camembert or feta instead, which have similar soft textures and earthy, nutty flavors.