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Why Starbucks Doesn’t Actually Grab Your Snack From The Pastry Case
While pumpkin spice lattes and Frappuccinos may dominate Starbucks orders, the coffee chain is also known for its snack options like cake pops, brownies, and muffins. While these items look ever-so enticing in the pastry case, there’s a reason why Starbucks employees never use them.
According to a former Starbucks barista, the pastry case is often home to two- to three-day-old pastries. If you were served these pastries, not only would they not taste very good but it would also go against health and sanitation codes.
A TikTok video by @kaylakosmic emphasizes the sour odors that most pastries take on after sitting out in the display case. Another Starbucks employee commented that the foods in the display get donated if they’re not too old.