Smoked old fashioned rum cocktail with cubes of ice on a dark background
Why Some People Drink Rum With A Splash Of Water Included
Rum is a full-strength spirit, with a standard ABV of 40% and available in overproof and cask strength varieties. This is why some drinkers add a splash of water to their glass.
A bit of water helps the strongly alcoholic rum go down a little easier and opens up the liquor, bringing out the more nuanced idiosyncratic flavor and aromatic notes.
This trick works with white, gold, and dark rums. If you want to try it out, stick to spring or bottled water and steer clear of tap water to avoid imparting an off taste.
In high-proof spirits, alcohol vapors can confuse the senses and cancel out subtler flavor notes, which is why a little dilution can help you fully appreciate the drink.