An open jar of dry pasta on a counter
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Why Some Chefs Don't Recommend Splurging On Pantry Pastas
You may assume that more expensive pasta will have an improved taste, texture, and overall quality, but when it comes to common dried pasta, you don’t need to splurge.
While premium dried pasta brands may offer unique shapes and textures, the difference between expensive and cheap dried pasta is barely perceptible by most eaters.
Besides shape, differences between pastas depend on the flour used and the way the pasta is dried. Cheaper pasta dries at a higher temperature, which can result in lower quality.
After boiling and adding in your favorite sauce, even if you have a refined pasta palate, it can be fairly difficult to discern the differences between brands of dried pasta.
After cooking and flavoring the noodles, it can be hard to tell the difference between brands of dried pasta. Your money is better spent on gourmet sauces and other ingredients.