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Why Skipping The Produce Aisle May Save Money At The Grocery Store
Skipping the produce aisle at the grocery store may sound like a silly idea, especially because eating fruits and vegetables is part of staying healthy. However, as their prices have increased due to inflation, there are more cost-effective ways of stocking your home with fruits and vegetables.
Buying foods in season and from your local farmer or fresh markets can shave dollars off produce purchases. Not only are foods purchased at local farmers' markets traditionally cheaper and newer, but shopping in these markets can boost local economies and support regional farms.
Frozen produce is also a great alternative since it is cheaper than fresh and can last for days. In addition, frozen produce is frozen and bagged shortly after harvesting, so they keep vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in a prime stage.
Pre-cut and assembled vegetables and fruits may seem like an excellent time-saver, but stay clear, as these items are more expensive. Taste of Home highly discourages purchasing pre-cut produce due to its price point, although they are fine to consider if time is more important than money.