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Why Serious Bread Bakers Should Invest In A Pullman Loaf Pan
The Pullman loaf pan is a type of bread pan that has straight (rather than sloped) sides, is both taller and narrower than a traditional loaf pan, and comes with a lid. This pan may seem to be too specialized or unapproachable for a home baker, but once you've got your hands on one, you'll discover just how useful it can be.
If your bread always turns out with a tougher crust than you'd like, or looks a bit misshapen, the Pullman loaf pan can help. Not only does it make your crusts more tender, but the lid of the pan contains the bread's rise in the oven, so you'll end up with square sandwich bread that looks store-bought, but tastes homemade.
The Pullman pan is also ideal for dough that's a bit wet and sticky, and for gluten- or grain-free loaves that need help with structure. In recipes that call for flavorings to be swirled into the dough, the Pullman's lid keeps the layers of dough and filling from separating while baking, and it even works as a terrine pan or mold.